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Our policy

               Fimtad Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is engaged in manufacturing of household and food products. The company continues to offer services to chain markets and HoReCa consumer groups. 

               Besides its own products, the company expands its range products through manufacturing of private label products under hygienic conditions. The company aims to diversify the products it offers to the market and the original brands that it supplies.

               Fimtad Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is the owner of the brands Fimtad and Pasta Lizzo. The company offers pasta varieties to the consumers under the brand Pasta Lizzo. The products manufactured for the brand Fimtad have 100% natural ingredients. 

               Fimtad offers products in both Turkish and Ukrainian markets. The company has expanded its product range as a result of its partnership with Asabay Ltd. in 2017, a company with a large network in Ukraine. Asabay Ltd. is a company with 12 years’ business experience in Ukraine.

               Our company offers services to the following chain markets in Ukraine: Auchan, Klass, Novus, Yevrapol, Metro, Tavriya, Varus, Velıka Kışenya, Divia Treyd, Fresh Market, Divial 2000, Spar, and Mega Market.

                Besides its own brands, the Company also partners with a number of brands in Turkey. Fimtad expands its product range with the brands the Company contracts with for authorized distributorships in Ukraine

  • The Brands We Partner with 

             S.S. Marmarabirlik Zeytin, BGC Tarim, Istanbul Kahve, Aysan Zeytin ve Tursu Gida Urunleri, Beypazar, Icecek Pazarlama, Yakamoz Sirke, Hersan Helva Recel Gida, Denimeks Gida, Tarihi Hacizade Lokumcusu, Spilos Gida, Tadal Zeytincilik, Yurttan Konserve, Buhara Baharat, Haskoy Bakliyat, Efe – Ege Zeytincilik, Nigde Gazoz, Gesas, Tat Bakliyat ve Makarna, Tukas Konserve, Oncu Salca, Doganay Icecek, Korfezim Zeytinyagi and Sopho Gida.

                These brands offer products that have proven their reliability in the consumer public.

  • Our Understanding of Production

                Since the day it was founded, Fimtad has been working towards increasing its product range and offer natural products to consumers. Quality products are manufactured in hygienic production facilities as a result of the hard work of food engineers.

                Hygiene is of utmost importance in production areas. All of our employees receive trainings in the fields of hygiene and human health. 

                Fimtad has 1,700 m² of intermediate storage facilities in the Kiev region of Ukraine. The company also has 800 m² of office space and shipping warehouse in Kiev city center. All these facilities are managed according to modern management methods, and products are preserved in accordance with hygiene conditions and food agreements.