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Fimtad operates as Fimtad Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. in Turkey and as Fimtad LLC in Ukraine. Our companies are engaged in production, export, import and domestic trade of food and household products.
Fimtad, is a company that believes in the importance of teamwork and healthy work environment. It is of utmost importance to ensure sterile working and production conditions. Our personnel attend trainings and are provided with information on hygiene and human health. On the production side, the company also operates in compliance with food agreements and rules of hygiene.
Fimtad’s goal is to offer its customers a stable and reliable food company option for many years. Fimtad’s vision for the future is based on increasing its brand value and expanding its product range without compromising on quality and hygiene. Our team is working to make sure that our company has a supply network and a product range that will take our company to the standards of a “world brand” and a “mega food brand”.